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API Melafix

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An all natural, antibacterial remedy for the treatment of fish diseases. Patented formula uses the healing power of Melaleuca, a variety of Tea Tree, for the treatment of bacterial infections in fresh and saltwater fish. * Rapidly Repairs damaged fins. * Heals open wounds. * Stops mouth fungus. * Treats fin & tail rot. * Safe for sensitive fish and live plants.

118ml Treats up to: 920L
237ml Treats up to: 1,794
473ml Treats up to: 3,581L

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Irakau Pehi

Using this every 2 weeks, so every 2nd water change, as a general maintenance for my long fin Betta, Haroldo, who is in a 20l tank.
My previous longfin Betta always had niggly tatty tail, this, along with pimafix, seems to keep that at bay.
Also, grateful for the great service, especially as we have no pretty store in my town!

Josj H.
nice big bunches of grass,

nice big bunches of grass, one of the plants i thought could have been bigger has done that itself in less then a week has grown 5x the size! repeat order coming soon. only thing i would do differently next time is get plants shipped seperatly so i get other stuff faster. my fish started making a fast recovery on its own as soon as i had ordered melafix.. ended up just being more of a helping hand towards the end.

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