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Blue Mystery Snail

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Popular amongst experienced and beginner aquarist. Mystery snails (Pomacea bridgesii and Pomacea diffusa) are some of the most liked freshwater snails. They enjoy tropical communities.

Blue Mystery snails are attractive as decorative additions. They can grow up to 5 cm (2 inches). Blue Mystery snail shells are impressive, calming light blue colours. It will vary from snail to snail. Their bodies are a darker blue.

Like Ramshorn snails, Mystery snails are not ones to cause harm within tanks. They are safe to keep together with plants and fish.

Common to Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia; they are found in rivers, swamps and ponds. Mystery snails differ from the Ramshorn with active and playful behaviour. If you have a sand substrate, they may burrow in the sand. They eat all kinds of algae, dead animal and plant matter. They are like your own underwater puppy.

These little critters (like the underwater puppies they resemble,) are keen on escaping. Use a fitted lid to ensure your snail does not crawl away. If you do have an escapee, they will retreat inside their shell and look dead. It is best not to throw them away, instead, put it back in its watery home. There is a high chance the snail will pop back out and be okay!

People still often lose snails to death too soon. One of the main reasons is the lack of calcium in the water. Since this is what makes up their shells, you need to consider what ways you are giving them calcium. They will also enjoy highly oxygenated and moderate moving waters.

To ensure you get the best quality snail, we order them in at the end of each week, for next week delivery. Straight to your door. This way, we assure you receive healthy, vibrant snails. Doing this means we can also lower our prices for you. Please expect delivery to be Thursday of the following week that you ordered.

Customer Reviews

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Kim C
Happy little snail

Got a new blue mystery snail and it’s settled in and chomping on algae in the blink of an eye - really healthy inbb

Donna Keen

My snail arrived within 2 days in his water plants the box was soaking wet think the plant bag leaked as box fell to bits snail is loving his new home with his fishy friends .

Kahn Thorpe

Arrived in good condition with no delays have doubled in size over last 14days and have not touched any living plants only decaying plant bits and are highly active. The pale blue shells blue/grey foot and gold speckled darkblue(almost black) body make for a amazing looking plantsafe snail species

Skye Mortlock
Arrived dead

I ordered two mystery snails and both arrived dead 😞 they did arrive on the following Monday not the Thursday previously so that may have been why.

Melissa Hickling
Blue mystery snails

My first time buying live animals online and they did not disappoint. They were packaged great and I liked how there was one small, one medium and one big instead of all three the same size.

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