Eheim Classic Canister FIlter Range

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Proven Technology since the 1980's
Big canister volume for long life
Filter baskets for quick cleaning
Easy maintenance using unique backwash method

Classic 250

Aquarium size up to :250L
Pump Output Approx: 400L/hr, head max 1.5m
Power Consumption: 8w
Filter Volume: 3.0L
Dimensions 160mmx 355

Classic 350

Aquarium size up to :350L
Pump Output Approx: 620L/hr, head max 1.8m
Power Consumption: 15w
Filter Volume: 4.0L
Dimensions 185mm x 370

Classic 600

Aquarium size up to 600L

Pump output approx 1000L/hr, head max  2.30 m

Power Consumption: 20W

Filter Volume : 6.6L

Dimensions: 200mm x 400