Hailea BT Internal Filter Range

Hailea BT Internal Filter Range

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Reinforced ABS original particles to shape the case,which is never wear out.High quality resin to seal the winding and never leak electricity.High quality bio-chemical filtration sponge which is suitable for breeding nitrifier.

Special structure carbon box which is better for releasing the impurity in the water.
It is applied for water draining, wave-making, filtration & fountain.Comes with air tube and air regulator to make oxygen to the tank.


BT200: Power: 3W, Flow: 200L/H,  Recommended Aquarium Size: 60L Size: 33.5 x 42.5 x 135mm

BT400: Power: 7W,  Flow: 380L/H, Recommended Aquarium Size: 50-110L Size: 43 x 57 x 186mm

BT700: Power: 10W, Flow: 690L/H, Recommended Aquarium Size: 70-250L Size: 74 x 77 x 212mm

BT100: Power: 20W, Flow: 1000L/H, Recommended Aquarium Size: 90-360L Size: 79 x 90 x 230mm