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Hippuris Mare's Tail Bunch

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This is a pond plant, not recommended for aquariums

Growing form: Perennial water and shore plant. Rootstock long, horizontal. Often forms dense stands.
Height: 10–60 cm (4–25 in.). Stem unbranched, hollow, green, aerial stems erect–ascending, submerged stems limp.
Flower: Petals and sepals vestigial, flower small, approx. 1 mm (0.4 in.) wide. Stamens 1. Pistils 1, stigma thread-like, unbranched. Flowers axillary.
Leaves: Whorled, stalkless. Blade linearly needle-like, tapered, with entire margins, glabrous, submerged leaves thin and limp. Whorls usually with 8–12 leaves (submerged 12–16), leaves longer than internodes.

Mare’s-tail is easy to recognise by its spruce-like appearance – small stands spreading out through ponds and puddles look like miniature spruce forests. It usually grows half above and half under the water, but it can also grow on the water line on dry land or completely submerged.

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Tony Chisnall
Pond weed

Want I enjoyed most about buying from the Fish Room was the product was fresh and ready to go straight into the pond and a delivery day was given which made it easy to get things organized.thanks

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