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Hygrophila Augustifolia

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If your aquarium is home to the roughest and toughest, the likes of large cichlids or goldfish; Hygrophila Angustifolia is not suggested for your aquarium. Due to the thin texture of their leaves, they are not up to the brawl your toughest little rebels can bring.

As Hygrophila Angustifolia matures, the leaves develop a blue tint and provide great foliage. As a stem plant, it is suitable for the background of an aquarium and easy to maintain. It is also hardy (so long as you do not have any tough guys in your tank.) It can thrive in low-tech setups but will look best under moderate to high lighting. Replant pruned cuttings for propagation. If allowed to grow above water, it will often flower. Like most plants, Hygrophila Angustifolia will enjoy supplementation. Seachem Flourish, Flourish Excel, nitrogen, and other plant supplements are good to try.

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