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Java Moss

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You’re already working hard enough on your aquarium. You need low maintenance aquatic plants that are as beautiful as they are easy.


Meet the Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana). Known for its bright green hue, Java Moss is the freshwater companion you’ve been looking for. Not only is it pretty, but it requires no special lighting or added nutrients. The ultimate cheap date.


Once it gets comfortable, Java Moss will attach itself to anything nearby, including gravel, driftwood or any tank décor. This means you don’t even have to plant the moss. It’s the dinner guest that won’t leave.


Java Moss’ clingy nature makes it a great addition for any breeder tanks. Its intricate tendrils provide the perfect crash pad for fish eggs. Once born, the deep coverage of the moss gives young fry a healthy hiding place from others. Java Moss also houses different types of microscopic infusoria, which can be a lifesaver for baby fish who may not be getting enough food.


So, is Java Moss too good to be true? Before you get too attached, consider the kind of planted aquarium you have. Java Moss tends to do better in low-light aquariums. In this environment, Java Moss is nearly impossible to kill. But it may have problems in brighter fish tanks. Algae can take over and eventually kill the Java Moss. You don’t want to be a plant killer, do you?


When you’re longing to create a beautiful aquarium, but intend to be lazy about it, the Java Moss is the perfect aquatic plant for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Alan H
java moss

looks great, nice healthy plant

Tracey Hackett
Java Moss

very happy with this order, healthy looking product, fast shipping. thank you

marilee habenicht
Great beginner plant

I'm using the moss in 2 tanks with different temperature requirements and it seems to grow at the same rate in both. Very easy to chop up and glue to decor and just let it do its thing.

Java moss

Very happy with the 2 nice healthy bunches of Java moss. Thanks Cam

Donna-Lee F.
Java Moss

Healthy plants, works great for project I’m working on.

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