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JBL 7 Balls are pressed fertiliser pellets, enriched by a special process with all the nutrients vital for aquatic plants, especially iron and trace elements. The nutrients are released slowly, providing a very favourable depot effect. The ball shape permits the convenient use in existing freshwater-aquariums. Especially suitable for the specific nutrient supply or post-fertilisation of aquatic plants which mainly absorb their nutrients through the roots, such as echinodorus, cryptocory-nae, and others. Mix with aquarium gravel when setting up a new aquarium. Contains clay, which acts as nutrient store, binding excess nutrients and releasing them as required. Effective for at least 3 years and does not contain phosphates nor nitrates.

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Yarden Vidal
2 months later…

I’ve placed a few ball in one corner of a tank just to test how well this works and the plants are growing big and tall with lots of new sprouting great products but I wonder how long it’ll last for in the tank.

Emma D
Repeat purchaser

I have used this product a handful of times in my planted tanks.
Easy to place into the substrate - although would recommend a rather thick layer of substrate to prevent the root tab being unburied by bottom dwelling fish such as corydoras.
I generally place 2 root tabs around my heavier root feeding plants as it speeds up their growth.
On top of all this the package arrived in perfect condition the following day!
Definitely 5/5 thanks cam!

Aidan Hullett
Time will tell..

Have used these instead of root tabs, have noticed about the same results as Seachem root tabs so far.
Wondering if these may last longer due to the clay.

Easy to place into existing substrate!

Vanessa Stevens
Food for Thought

Purchased the plant food - as my tank isn't sitting in any type of natural light.
Arrived in one piece - well packaged. Very easy to place into existing tank.
Watchout when moving items around as the food is brown in colour and will discolour your water.

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