Nutrafin Max Small Tropical Fish Micro Granules 40g

Nutrafin Max Small Tropical Fish Micro Granules

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A complete Bite size pellets that gradually sinks to allow fishes of all levels access to food

Nutrafin Max Small Tropical Fish Micro Granules is a nutritious highly palatable slow sinking formula containing bite sized granules naturally coloured by its ingredients, allows tropical fish to eat at their preferred feeding level, features multi-vitamins, natural colour enhancers, Advanced Yeast Extract (pre-biotics) for digestive system support and more for the ulitmate in ornamental fish nutrition. and advanced yeast extracts (pre-biotics)

A complete food formulated for small tropical fish.
Contains P.D.P. (Pre-Digested Plankton) which quickly enhances colors and is easily digested.
A palatable food that floats, then sinks slowly for fish that feed at all levels of the aquarium.
Optimal for use in automatic feeders.
Low phosphorus content helps minimize algae blooms in the aquarium.
Multi-vitamin supplements ensure optimum growth and disease resistance.

Customer Reviews

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Victor Lewis

So easy to order online. Delivery quicker than my local. Lots of goodies to choose from. Enjoy the video posts from the fishroom so very informative and interesting

Hayden Ritson

Corey's love these, but what dont they...however neon tetras hate em. and thats why i bought them ☹️

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