Red Hygrophila- Alternanthera reineckii
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Red Hygrophila- Alternanthera reineckii

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This creeping plant suits ponds and aquariums.


Native to South America, good light encourages the leaves to turn reddish-brown. The leaves purple underside provide compelling contrast, notably when planted in groups.

With a height of 40 – 60 cm, Red Hygrophila suits the mid - background of medium and large tanks. Or try in shallow bog areas of ponds where it will grow out of the water and creep along the side.


Most Alternanthera species are hard to grow, but here you have the laid back one of the family. Easy to propagate by nipping off the terminal bud and planting it in the bottom. It also makes the mother plant bushier because more side shoots form.

The will benefit from iron-rich substrate.


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