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Ramshorn Snail

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Need a little help with pesky algae? These attractive critters add hints of colour to aquariums but also act as a super helpful cleaning crew. Algae on glass, plants and decorations, they eat it. Hair algae and uneaten fish food, gone! They help keep your substrate clean and water clear.

Ramshorn is a small snail, where some will reach 2½ cm (1 inch) and that will be an accomplishment. Their shells range from bright pink to maroon. The lack of dark pigmented melanin means they have bright reddish skin which is the colour of their blood.

While these are algae eaters, they are the hippies of your aquarium. No harm will come to any fish and shrimp. These peaceful underwater grazers will not even ruin your live plants! Though the Ramshorn is peaceful, be wary of aquarium housemates with aggressive tendencies. Your Ramshorn will become a snack for them. Even the likes of apple snails will prey upon the Ramshorn.

In warmer climates, they prefer outdoor ponds. But when kept indoors, they will do well in almost any size tank, from ones of 5 or 10 gallons to much larger sizes. Keep in mind that they are quick to reproduce. Ramshorns are not the escape artists of the snail world, but it is best to keep the tank covered. You don’t want your Ramshorn to be the one who thinks they can fly the coup. If you do have an escapee, they will retreat inside their shell and look dead. There is no need to rush throwing away your precious snail, instead put it back in your tank. There is a high chance the snail will pop back out and be completely fine as they breathe air anyway!


To ensure you get the best quality snail, we order them in at the end of each week, for next week delivery. Straight to your door. This way, we assure you receive healthy, vibrant snails. Doing this means we can also lower our prices for you. Please expect delivery to be Thursday of the following week that you ordered.

Customer Reviews

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Flynn Naysmith
Just great!!!

They arrived happy and healthy and have already bread in my tank.

Sir Paladium
Ramshorn love-nasium

The lil red booglies (x5) went straight into the tank and started to munch algae. num num. They haven't stopped.
Also, they like to snuggle. (sluggle?). Again, they haven't stopped. :/
Been a few weeks and they're thriving.
ty tfr :)

Jane Lea
Rams horn snail

Arrived in excellent condition (x3 snails). Perhaps purchased too early for my new pond but too excited to wait!!!
Can only find one snail at a time 😊. So don’t know if still have 3 snails or just one?? 😂. Had a bonus eggs laid onto plastic bag so fingers crossed that they hatch (probably should get more!!)

Sarah Hesselin

Ramshorn snails are awesome to watch

Sandy Stonham
Ramshorne snails

I bought several and they are busy cleaninng my tank of algae happy little chaps one died but i think one of my discus was the culprit

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