Sera Blackwater Aquatan 250mL

Sera Blackwater Aquatan

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For a natural blackwater effect as in the tropics

Lively and healthy fish, shrimps and crayfish
Water according to the original biotopes supports coloration and natural behavior
Immediately binds heavy metals
No pH value alterations
Reduced algae growth due to reduced light
Long lasting water tint
Extremely economic

sera blackwater aquatan with the Bio-Protect Formula conditions tap water to dark, clear, fish friendly freshwater just like in tropic waters.

Customer Reviews

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Tony Bolstad
Recommend this stuff

Bought this as I wanted to try the look of blackwater. What I was amazed and super happy with is the behaviour of my tetras and pygmy cory's. Adding this stuff and straight away the fish became more active in exploring the tank and less shy. Very cool to see.

Donald I.
Great product, gives the correct

Great product, gives the correct view and conditions the fish live in ,in their natural habitat. Also helps in keeping Algie under control, ie cuts down light.

David M.
Prompt supply

Good trader

Maxine L.

Black water instantly... and with added water conditioner.. as a betta andnkillifish breeder this product is extremely helpful and beneficial in our fish-garage!

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