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Sera Floredepot

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A good basis for successful plant care.

sera floredepot is placed underneath the actual bottom ground (sand, gravel) when setting up the aquarium.

The balanced blend of sand, peat, essential nutrients and trace elements allows plants to grow on quickly. Also, the plants are supplied with nutrients during the first phase (4 - 6 weeks).

The formation of strong roots is supported by the special structure of the bottom ground.

Plants are an important component of the aquarium. Besides their decorative effect, they structure the tank and provide hideaways for the animals kept in it, thus creating a low stress environment close to nature.

Furthermore, they withdraw numerous pollutants and algae nutrients from the water. A biological equilibrium establishes more quickly and more stable in tanks with healthy and strongly growing plants.

Maintenance efforts are considerably reduced. The water remains algae free and clean. The extensive sera plant care range allows tailor-made and user friendly supply so the aquarium plants can optimally fulfill their tasks. Functional bottom ground, as it is created by sera floredepot and sera Professional floreground, is the basis of self purification abilities and plant growth. sera floredepot consists of a balanced blend of peat, active pellets and sand particularly rich in minerals which releases important nutrients, rare trace elements and growth supporting vital substances lastingly and in a well dosed way.

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marilee habenicht
Beginner - 2 beautiful tanks: axolotl and platies

I used sera floradepot for 2 tanks: a 37 L (platies) and 150 L (axolotls)

I started with the 37 L. I put down a shallow layer of gravel then put the sera floradepot over that, added a little water to keep it compressed, then added a couple cm of top gravel before planting. There was still a bit of debris and peat floating about after adding water. Make sure to pour water over your hand or something to keep it from stirring the substrate too much. The sera floradepot did get a little messy and put strain on the filter, but basic maintenance and good filtration cleared it up within a few hours. Tank is beautiful, water chemistry is great, fish are happy.

The 150 L tank was a different monster. I didn't remove all of the water and left about 4 cm in the tank thinking the sera floradepot could soak up some of it but it really didn't and just displaced the water so there was peat floating about. Not a big deal, I just added the sand on top. Gravel would have made the rest of this so much easier, however, so if anyone is reading this, use gravel if you can but in my case, axolotl cannot have gravel in their tanks so sand was the only option. The axolotls tend to swim around the perimeter of the tank and root around in the corners, so I suggest anyone with these animals only plant in the center (or glue/tether plants to rocks/hides/decor) and let things grow out from there. I put down river rock to stabilize some high traffic areas and keep the sand from mixing with the bottom layer and pulling up more peat that gets stuck to the filter intake.
Overall the tanks are beautiful and the plants arrived healthy and everything seems to be thriving.
Despite some of the mess, I am happy with this product and plan to plant a 3rd aquarium with sera floradepot.

Much thanks to Cam Scott for all his knowledge when planning this project out.

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