Sera Shrimp Nature

Sera Shrimp Nature

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Shrimp food with spirulina and alder cones

Sera Shrimps Nature is the staple food consisting of gently manufactured granules without dyes and preservatives for all shrimps in fresh and marine water.

The balanced composition with ingredients close to nature, such as spirulina and alder cones, provides everything the shrimps require for healthy growth and safe molting. Fertility, splendid coloration and disease resistance are enhanced in a directed way.

The sinking small granules keep their shape for a very long time, thus allowing the shrimps – according to their natural feeding habits – to grab them and slowly graze them off without polluting the water.

Natural ornamental fish diet

This product belongs to the "sera Nature" product range, which does not require any dyes nor preservatives. A varied diet with ingredients close to nature is the best protection against deficiencies, and supports the health and liveliness of the fish. The Nature food types therefore contain natural ingredients such as Spirulina, Krill or sustainable insect meal from soldier fly larvae (Hermetia). The signets on the front side of the package highlight these ingredients and their amounts in the food.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Schmidt
Ramshorn food

The snails are in the pond so plenty of hiding places amongst the plants so thought they might have become tasy snacks for the fish, however 2 appeared today looking very healthy and colourful.

Ellie Gottermeyer
Loved by Mystery and Ramshorn Snails

This food has a big tick of approval from our snails. The calcium in this food is keeping their shells looking beautiful too.

sue watts
shrimp food

Apple the snail loves them. daughterhand feeds him.

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