Spotted Climbing Gourami
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Spotted Climbing Gourami

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Spotted Climbing Gourami, Leopard Bush

Ctenopoma acutirostre


Native Location: Congo river basin

Climate: Tropical

Maximum Size: Up to 20 cm (8 in), usual 17 cm (6.69 inch)

Temperament: Predator

Diet: Omnivore

Breeding: Difficult

Temperature Range: 23-28℃ - 73-82℉)

Preferred pH Range: 6-7

Minimum Aquarium Size: 200 litres (53 US gallons)

Potential Tankmates: House only with larger fish

Care Level: Moderate



The Spotted Climbing Gourami is a fish with many names. Since 1899 it has been known as the Leopard Bush Fish, ctenopoma, Spotted Climbing Perch, Climbing Gourami. However, whatever you call it, this is a fish you will be sure to enjoy, for a long time with its average lifespan exceeding eight years in the home aquarium.

Due to its striking pattern, the Spotted Climbing Gourami is an excellent ambush predator, choosing to hunt at night for any unfortunate small fish or insects. For this reason, it is vital to select the correct tank mates. Fish that are larger or even the same size as the Spotted Climbing Gourami should see no issues.

In their natural habitat, they live in a variety of different conditions ranging from rivers, lakes and even stagnant pools. Due to this variety, setting up the home aquarium has many options. Regardless of the setup choice, as long as you adhere to the basic requirements listed above, you will provide a stable and healthy environment for many years.

It is important to provide lots of cover to prevent stress so adding aquatic plants will give plenty places to hide during the day.



Feeding the Leopard Bush Fish is interesting. They prefer live foods such as blood worm, tubifex and earthworms. They will also accept dead insects (or live). It is possible to introduce some quality dry foods to provide a variety.

While feeding live foods, you can observe stalking behaviour while mimicking a leaf floating underwater.

The Spotted Climbing Gourami is a great species for anyone who is looking for a fish a little different. With lots of character and relatively little care requirements, they are an excellent addition to any oddball aquarium.

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Yarden Vidal
words can not express

As from the title my new found love in the type of gourami. Ive never kept one of any type before and have always want too on the normal varieties BUT this fish has an attitude much different from the rest in a positive way I can’t even tell how many times I’m looking over at them then the other fish I kept seeing something new about them catching my attention. Spectacular fish to kept I’m really excited to see how big they can get 10/10 from me to be honest but everyone is different.

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