Species Spotlight Bala Shark

Species Spotlight

Our species spotlight shines on the legendary Bala Shark. Also known as the Silver shark or tri-colour shark but whatever you know them as there is no mistaking its appearance. With their silver torpedo-shaped body, big eyes and shark-like dorsal fins there is no wonder why they are such popular fish with fishkeepers everywhere. 

Their popularity, however, has sadly caused them to become almost extinct in their natural habitats in Sumatra, Thailand and Borneo. So much so that it has been present on the IUCN red list since 1996. It is only with the aid of hormones that the Bala shark is being commercial farm bred in the middle east. 

On top of their good looks, they are generally compatible with most community fish. That is until they begin to grow. The Bala shark will reach lengths of 35cm and for this reason, only large aquariums of 500l should be considered as a potential home. Additionally, as they grow, they will soon begin to look towards any smaller fish in their aquarium as potential food so avoid species like Cardinal tetra or Rasbora species. 

Anyone who has ever stumbled across these shiny sharks at their local fish shop will agree that they really are striking, especially when in a group and swimming in the same direction. The ideal setup would be a large planted aquarium with a group of 6 or more Bala Sharks. Alternatively, They would happily co-exist within a large South American style setup alongside Plecos and maybe even some angelfish too.

One of the easier elements of Bala shark care is their diet. They will eat all kinds of food in every kind of way - including fresh vegetables like spinach or peas. 

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